Play-dough Valentines Tokens


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Delight your little one's classmates with a unique twist on a traditional Valentine's Day token! Our personalized wooden token comes with a playful touch of Play-Doh for a hands-on, creative experience.

Each card is crafted from sustainable wood, offering an eco-friendly alternative to paper. They are lovingly engraved with your child's name and a heartfelt message, making each one as unique as your little valentine.

The attached mini tub of Play-Doh brings an interactive element to these cards, allowing children to sculpt and shape their love into something special. It's a perfect way for kids to express their creativity and share the joy of Valentine's Day.

These wooden cards are not only a fun classroom exchange item but also a memorable keepsake that parents and children will treasure. Order now to give the gift of imagination and personal touch this Valentine's Day!