Pop-it Valentines Classroom Tokens


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Add a pop of fun to your child's Valentine's Day with our bespoke wooden cards, each featuring an engaging pop-it fidget toy. These cards offer a joyful and interactive way to celebrate the season of friendship in the classroom.

Crafted from sustainable wood, our cards are engraved with your child's name and a loving message, creating a one-of-a-kind token for their friends. The highlight? Each card features an attached pop-it, offering a delightful sensory experience that children adore.

What's more, these cards have a life beyond Valentine's Day. Post-celebration, they can be repurposed as trendy tags for backpacks, ensuring your thoughtful gift remains a part of your child's everyday adventures.

Perfect for classroom exchanges, our wooden pop-it Valentines promise not only a burst of joy on Valentine's Day but also a lasting reminder of friendship and fun. Order now to make your child's Valentine's Day pop with creativity and lasting charm!