Wooden Valentine's Cards Party Favors


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Step into a world of creativity and lasting memories this Valentine's Day with our charming collection of wooden coloring shapes, perfect for your child's classroom exchange! Say goodbye to the disposable paper cards and hello to these delightful keepsakes that children can personalize and treasure for years to come.

Our exclusive set includes eight enchanting animal designs: a mischievous lizard, a graceful bird, a cuddly bunny, an adorable cat, a lovable hamster, a serene fish, a cheerful dog, and a wise turtle. Each oval-shaped piece is crafted from durable wood, etched with heartwarming scenes that invite your little ones to add a splash of color.

Included in this magical pack is a quartet of bright crayons to kickstart the fun. Children will be thrilled to write their names and messages before transforming these critters with hues of their choosing.

These wooden valentines are more than just a gift; they're a crafty activity that sparks joy and creativity, doubling as a precious memento that outlasts the season of love. Present your classmates with a gift that's unique, engaging, and enduring.

Don't settle for the ordinary. Choose our Wooden Coloring Shapes for a Valentine's Day that's as special and unique as your little one's friendships. Order now and make this February 14th a day of colorful affection and lasting friendship

This will be sold as UNFINISHED wood so you will be able to paint it whatever color you choose or leave it unfinished.

This laser-cut sign is made from 1/8" thick birch plywood and the approximate dimensions are to 4.5 inches

This is cut with a laser, so it could have burned edges
Each wood cutout will have a smooth brown edge
Colors on screen may differ slightly in person due to how the wood grain runs
There may be a texture on the wood